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All of you gym freaks out there must have thought about having a Home Gym at least once in your life. Well, most of you would have, if not all.


All People these days are more aware of importance and benefits of health and fitness. Nothing beats the stress out as a great workout. For that people hit gym and that is such a wonderful thing.

But what if you have a better option and the option is your home. Yes, a home gym. Everyone loves their home and if you have can have your gym at your home nothing is better than that. Now the question comes in the mind. What is home gym?


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What is Home gym?

Home gym is your gym .It is a small convenient space in someone home. This can replace going to a public gym for workout. These gyms are usually located in garage or a spare room in a home. They are typically very small and contain practical equipment.


home gym


Why we should have a home gym?

The home gym is an amazing resource that should be taking advantage of. Because of hectic schedule home gym is the best place where you can train yourself in a manner that gives result.There are many reason why you should have a home gym.


home gym


Home gym training fits your schedule

If you have a home gym you do not have to worry about driving to commercial gym.Having your own gym gives you freedom to train when you want to train.

A training environment that you like

A key benefit of having 0your very home gym is that you get to set up training environment that you enjoy.You can put poster and picture that motivates you. You can play music whenever music you like.


Home gym is a place where you can feel free and you can do your workout in a manner you like to.

Your gym your rule

You can do whatever you want to.Its your property.I can make your own rule.

Your home gym is available 24 hour day,7 days a week

Never have to worry about gym schedule and closing time.You can do your workout anytime which is suitable for you.

No wasted time travelling to and from gym

Time spent driving to and from the gym is time that could have been used in your workout.

Never have to share equipment

The benefit of having your own home gym is that you do not need to wait for other .All the equipment of the gym is your property.So you are free to use the equipment anytime and how many times you wants to.


home gym


Key point which you should be aware of while setting up your home gym

  • Choosing the right location for your home gym.
  • How much space do you need.
  • How much does a home gym cost.
  • Walls and ceilings in gym.
  • Which flooring should be use.
  • Climate control.
  • Lighting a home gym.
  • Equipment.
home gym


Key point which you should be aware of while setting up your home gym

Basic Equipment:

  • Pair of dumbells
  • Bench
  • Pull up bar
  • Barbell
  • Stability ball
  • Weight plates
  • Exercise mat
  • Kettlebell
  • Rings
  • Stereo System

Advance Equipment:

  • Cardio machines :Treadmill,Cross trainer,Bicycle etc.
  • Multifunction fitness machines

Fitness is all about discipline,dedication and hard work.If you are a fitness freak and home is your favourite place then no need to leave your home because Home Gym is your place.

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