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The Funniest Collection of Quotes For Birthday Wishes

Forever people of life are unique so they deserve best birthday wishes on their birthdays.

The best way to make your friends, family or partner feel special on their birthday is by giving birthday wishes and celebrating the day with them. Birthday is a special day for everyone, It is a day when a celebrant is loved by everyone and receives lovely birthday wishes.

The birthday wishes are like the ones that connect you with others, you get a reason for interacting again or sharing love after a long time also with your family, friends, and partner. Birthday comes once in a year and on that special occasion, you should show your feelings to them by giving them the best birthday wishes. You get a single day in a whole year to show how much you love them.

What I am basically trying to say here is that you guys would have often encountered the dilemma when you would have been confused regarding how to make that particular day special for that special one.

Don't Worry! I am writing this article to help you with some of the best, funniest and handpicked birthday wishes quotes.

Funny Birthday Wishes Quotes

If you want to look smart and young on your birthday…….. Then hang around a fat and dark groups of people.


funny Birthday wishes
Happy birthday to the bunch of white hairs on your head and most welcome to dark circles on your face.


Birthday Wishes
I Hope for you one day you will enjoy the taste of cake on your birthday without any teeth in your mouth.


Birthday Wishes
My mom is feeling young today because she looks like a 40 but she is 50. Happy Birthday, Mom.


Birthday Wishes
Dear Girlfriend how old are you getting on this birthday? Doesn,t matter you will look old as you always.


Birthday Wishes
I am happy today on your birthday because you are getting old day by day and I am still young and beautiful. Lolzzz happy birthday Bae


Birthday Wishes
Baby, if your money also grows faster like your age than soon I will be the richest wife of the world. Dear Husband happy Birthday!!!


Birthday Wishes
This birthday I am going to gift you an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cream, you are getting old and it’s a fact….Happy Birthday !!


Birthday Wishes
You are last in our family, it is because parents found you near the dustbin...Happy Birthday My Brother


Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday to a only person who looks like a zombie and i still wouldn’t kill you for being that way. Happy Birthday Bro


Birthday Wishes

These funny birthday wishes quotes might bring a big smile to celebrants faces. Right quotes and birthday wishes to right person makes their day cheerful and happening. So now you all are ready to celebrate upcoming birthdays with the lovely and funniest birthday wishes. Along with this put your all efforts to customize cards or greeting or print it on invitations of birthday with best quotes and show them how much you are happy on their birthday.

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