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How to improve our personal Strengths and Weaknesses?

What are strengths and weaknesses? Why people want to improve their personal strengths and reduces their weaknesses?


Strengths are the different idiosyncrasy and ability of an individual like information that he/she has. Regulation, Benevolence, Communication Ability, Influencing Power, Leadership Skills, Attitude towards negative things, Behavior of a person, if it is good, your point of view is almost positive and vice versa. Level of confidence, Group Work, Assembling Capacity and so on, which helps you to understand, examine and reach to the top level which is always almost everyone priority in today's era. But in terms of weakness, one who sacrifices any strength as negative because of his bad characteristics like overconfidence, fellow feelings, emotional, cantankerous behavior, drowsy, so he can't do his work proper or perform well. So it is necessary for everyone to know their strengths and weaknesses properly and work according to it in order to achieve the target whatever is set.

3 Ways of Strengths and Weaknesses to Improve Your Work Level

3 Ways of Strengths and Weaknesses to Improve Your Work Level

As we always see that people love to work on those areas in which they feel comfortable and don't want to come out their comfort zone. Here, I would like to share some tips.

1. Stop worrying about your weaknesses: - To prove their point.Let us go through a few beneficial points that we can take care of while going through one’s strengths and weaknesses.


Case 1: Stop worrying about weaknesses.

Stop worrying about weaknesses

Focusing on weaknesses will lead you downward towards life. It will definitely reduce your self-esteem, distract you from your vision, it may also lead you towards wrong direction.

The fact is, you will never become faultless or ideal. You will always be possessing weaknesses that will never leave you till you live. Would you forget about weaknesses? Not possible! knowing your weaknesses helps you to change those weaknesses into your strength and help you to forecast ahead.

One of the main reasons why people get glued at their work in which they are not good because they concentrate only on their weaknesses not on their strengths.


Case 2: Knowing about your supremacy (strengths and power).

Knowing about your supremacy (strengths and power)

Major loss of focusing on weaknesses is not believing on your own perspective. Many a times weaknesses will stick your view so that you are not able to view your strengths.

Whenever you lose your confidence or get frustrated just ask yourself these three questions and you feel better…

In what area am I good at?

What are my central strengths?

Where is my focus lie?

After giving answer to these question you finally get to know about your central strengths and work according to that.


Case 3: Increase your Potential

Increase your Potential

If you read out the lead performers, you’ll see that they share common thing which is increase their potential in that area in which they focus. They’re not trying to prove anything to anyone and they behave like they are clueless about it all.

Once you stop focusing on your weaknesses and start searching your central strengths, your next move will be focused on how to increase your potential.

First of all, you have to think in terms of improvement, not faultless. Conduct an analysis on a regular basis with your past performance and then do your own self-analysis so that you get to know about how much you improved.

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Anmol Jain


Guest Writer | Blogger