What Is True Love

What Is True Love? Three Times You Fall In Love

What is True Love? In a single second thousands of answers and questions arises when we talk about love. Each questions and answers are depend on their own situations a person who have gone through the feelings of true love. When i asked some of my friends What Is True Love? I got negative and positive replies. But according to me True Love is the best feeling of this world after the love of mom and dad there is a person to whom we start loving and can do anything for Him/Her.


Many of you are thinking how we will know this person is my true love? Is he or she is perfect for me? Feelings which i have for him/her is true love? Bunch of questions are there related to true love even when i was in love number of things was in my mind.

I saw many long lasting relations in my life like Relations who are still together after spending many years,Relations who have long lasting commitments, Who are new couples. So be calm i will give your all answers, I will tell you what is true love?

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True Love is a feeling which everyone wants to feel but some of get the opportunity to live that feeling. It is fact not everyone is that much lucky to have true love in life. Whenever we think about love we think about roses, dates, chocolates, hearts etc. no love is not only about this things love is about to feel for someone,one shared feeling, possessiveness, trust, bond, romance, commitment or many more even i can’t define love in some few words.

True love is not a subject or chapter which you will read and learn it is practicality of life which makes two heart connections between two persons. You can find a boyfriend/Girlfriend but you can’t find true love it will enter in your life automatically even when you are not ready for a relationship. Automatically you will start laughing, enjoy small moments with that person, a whole day will also look like a short day with him/her, you will feel happy.


what is true love

An ultimate proof of true love is to love someone from bottom of your heart and will expect to get love in return.You can't see him/her with someone,you will fight but your ego and attitude will never come in between, you will do anything to make them laugh,will stand with your love,trust blindly.

As i heard in true love there should not be any expectations. It is true but practically if you will not get love in back it will results breakup. For maintaining spark in relation we have to fuel it from efforts or love towards relationship.

Everyone says that love can happen once in a life but according to me and personal point love can happen three times in life.


First Love:

First Love of life happens at a young age.After a long delay or problems you quit that relation over silly things. When you get older or mature you may look back and think he/she was not love of your life and think it wasn’t love. But truth is it was your love,love of attraction, decisions taken in immaturity. There is difference depth of love.


First Love

Second Love:

Hardest love of life.This love hearts you, teaches you real lessons of life, makes you stronger. This love have lies,abuse, betrayal, drama,damage and great pain.

This is the love where we grow, we understand the actual meaning of love and what we hate or love about love. This loves tell us the difference between good and bad humans.Now we became closed, careful,aware or concerned. Now we know very well what we want and what we don't want from love.


Second Love

Third Love:

This love is last love of your life which comes silently without warning you. It crawls on you silently. You don’t search this love it enters in your life automatically. You can put up any wall to stop this love but that wall will be broke down. You will care for that person without trying. This love will look like a crush type but than also you will fall daily for him/her. Their imperfections will look perfect to you. You will not hide anything, want marriage and family with them. At last each and every day you will thank to god and universe for this love and will say Yes today i got the love of my life.


Third Love

Is it True Love or Infatuation?

First you have to know the difference between infatuation and true love.Infatuation is all about ‘I’ or True Love is all about ‘WE’. True love is different from infatuation. In true love you always looks for your partner and in infatuation there is only you and myself. Infatuation force you to love him/her but true love happens do not need any reasons.


Is it True Love or Infatuation?

True Love

  • Love exist after pain and anger
  • Selfless
  • Love to spend time
  • Trust and Understanding is your achievements
  • Long Term Commitments
  • Sacrifices and No expectations
  • Long Time Bond



  • Your Bond is of short time
  • You think you know them very well
  • They are definition of perfection for you
  • Only think about what you want from them
  • Feel Insecure
  • Attraction


True Love Is Complete Set Of:


If there is passion in true love then it can be strongest connection. We heard passionable relation is not less than drug. Passion in love includes attraction and sexual attachment towards partner. It is very strong emotion when a relation is full of passion it may increase addiction from which you never come out. Passionate love is too powerful which makes a unbreakable pairing.



Commitment means promises in relation which keeps relation long lasting. Whatever the situation occurs you will always stay together, support each other and will stand for your love are commitments of love.Relations have misunderstanding or anger but commitments keeps together. According to social commitments are marriage or engagements. Commitments gives you the power to love someone in ups and downs also like a person gain weight, get dull,is sick from a long time but if your love is true than you will never break commitments.



Some of you are confused between sex and Intimacy. One night stand, friends with benefit or sex is only a physical relation. Intimacy means trust,to know deeply each other and sharing love.Intimacy first comes through sharing time with each other, sharing feelings of your life and have safety or trust. If you not feel safe with him/her or do not trust intimacy will affect on loyalty. Intimacy takes time it doesn’t happen in a short time of talking or meetings.In intimacy you know each other deeply from soul, accepts the reality of person,learn to understand each other point,feel safe and dont compete with each other.


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