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Sale Your DIY Slimes Through Online Slime Shops

What actually slime is? Why children are too obsessed with slimes? How to make slime at home?How to make your own slime shops.


Slime is pliable substance to which we can easily squeeze, move it or twist in any kind of shape without making efforts or getting hands messy and dirty. In present scenario i can see not only childrens even youngster or adults are obsessed from slime. It is a best stress reliever for adult. You can pull, poke, stretch or squeeze slime in any shape of your wish.I will tell you those slimes which are easily available at slime shops. You can go for online slimes shop or market both. I will tell you DIY of slimes than you can take decision to buy it or make it.

First time this trend was started in Thailand. Today kids age of 15 are making slime DIY and selling them on famous websites like ETSY or Mercari. Along with this they are running instagrams page for selling their products through social media and E commerce. They are earning hundreds of dollars in a week.

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Types of Slimes and It’s Recipes

First step before making slime is to decide what kind of slime you want to make.

It doesn't matter that you are trying DIY slime first time or you are not expert in making slime i will tell you how to make it.


Types of Slimes and It’s Recipes

List of Ingredients You Need


  • Glue (liquid)
  • Borax detergent (You can use liquid starch as a substitute like Star-Flo)
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Stir stick
  • Bowl

1.Traditional Slime

Take out the whole glue content in a empty bowl.Fill the empty bottle with water till the top. Then pour some drops of food coloring. Now take a borax and mix it with 1 cup of water.Now it’s time to add glue mixture with borax mixture. Remember don't mix too much of borax with glue it may destroy your slime.Mix it with stick not with hands. Add borax with glue until your slime get smooth or bouncy.Not Sticky.


Traditional Slime

2.Magnetic Slime

This slime is different from a common slimes it attracts all the magnetic substances like ferrofluid but it is easy to make.


Magnetic Slime

Material You Need:

  • Glue
  • Iron Oxide powder (powdered magnetite)
  • Earth Magnets
  • Liquid Starch

You will get this all online easily.


How To Make

Mix 2 tablespoon powdered magnetite with ¼ cup of liquid starch.Stir it well until it get smooth.Add ¼ cup of glue to make slime.Stir it with stick or wear disposable gloves to avoid dust on hand.Now your slime is ready to play. Magnetic Slime have a plus point that it attracts magnets or sticky enough to make bubbles.


3.Glitter Slime

Glitter Slime
  • Mix one cup of boil water with ½ cup of Borax in a wide bowl. Take wide bowl because you have to squish your slime.
  • Now second bowl take one bottle of glue and mix it with ½ cup of water or stir it well.
  • Add glitter and food color to make it creative or dissolve it properly.
  • Final step mix both mixture of glue water and borax together and remember stir it with, spoon,gloves or stick.

After going through the above content, i’m guessing you all are set to make your own DIY slime sell it on your own slime shops on different e-commerce web platforms.



Now make your own social media page where you can sell your DIY slimes or use the best websites where you can sell this slimes like etsy or mercari. I told you three types of slime which are quite famous with the first basic step to last step. Three slimes are Traditional slime(basic of slime), Magnetic slime or Glitter slime. All the best everyone.


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