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Boys Get Ready To Know How To Talk To Girls

When you meet any girl you get hesitate? You don’t know how to talk to girls? No Problem Today I will tell you how to start a conversation and how to talk to girls.


We all know if girls are sky than boys are ground between them there is a huge difference. Both are different in choices, nature, talking way, likes, dislikes or endless dissimilarities are there.

Usually what happen with boys? I am a girl I know very well according to me boys don’t know how to start?, what to say?, how to say? If they say something it will be waste, senseless or will end with wrong words. While talking girls at the end boy stop at a single point and start thinking now what to say? So, in this article I will teach you how to talk to girls or making a move.

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Start a Conversation

How To Talk To Girls

Conversation means to interact with someone or we can say to talk on a particular topic with a person.

Conversation strongest tool for start it can covey your feelings, words, thinking or will make your bond strong. It is first step of interaction. Conversation should be clean and attractive. Never forget first image is last image.

How to Start a Conversation?

Conversation should be according to place that where you are on date, night club or in group. Don’t ever try to be over smart or use common lines. Don’t give weird comments, use those line for commenting which are simple and sober ( If girl have tattoo so ask her from where she had got this tattoo or meaning of tattoo). While talking girl’s one point to remember is don’t over think on each and every topic, don’t judge her, be genuine or natural.

Tips for How To Talk Girls

#1 Find out Her Interest
Talk To Girls

Best technique of talking with girls is find out on which topic she is interested. Imagine if she is too fashionable and you started talking on that you hate fashion so think how worst will be your conversation.

Talk on those topics which she likes rather than on topic liked by you, If you get bored on that topic change it slowly but never say wrong about that topic. It may spoil your conversation or will be lull. If your conversation is already running on those topics which she don’t like so ask her should we talk anything else. If she say no problem I am okay than congratulation she is comfortable with you.

Topics liked by girls:

  • Movies
  • Fashion
  • Sports (50% girls like sports)
  • People around you
  • Her Passion
  • Her Dreams or many more
#2 Don’t Be Shy Talk Freely
Don’t Be Shy Talk Freely

Another thing that boys go through these days is that they feel quite shy and insecure while they are around their special one. Some have it inside them while some do it on purpose, thinking that the girl might think how cute and simple they are. But, there is a twist here. Girl like more of such boys who are downright with their thoughts and can show the courage to freely open up with the females without going around in circles.

#3 Take Her Number
Take Her Number

It is little tough to get Number .Close the conversation with pickup lines like nice meeting you, nice to talk you and say her when we will meet again then ask her for number it might be not look good to initiate for number but for filling the space between you and her it is necessary for further meetings.

#4 Talks about Likes and Dislikes
Talks about Likes and Dislikes

Likes and dislikes is brightest point of conversation because it may increase both interest in each other. Likes and dislikes is main key and best topic which always works. Ask likes and dislikes of fashion, food, books, interesting subjects or mentor. Which shows that you are enough mature in life not a kid.

#5 Use Words Which Attracts Her
Use Words Which Attracts Her

Using words which attracts her doesn’t mean that be cheesy or use word in every line usually boys do this to get her attention. Your main motive is to please her or attract her towards your conversation. Respect her emotions, feelings and interest. You can use some lines like.

  • “I was not coming in party but now i am feeling comfortable because you are here”
  • “I had never seen a girl with amazing smile like you have”
  • “ I am sorry if said anything wrong”
  • #6 Impress Her

    Impress Her

    We can say impressing not only to girl even to professional is quite difficult because it includes hygiene, dress, manners, and behavior. We heard that first impression is last impression so always take care of your self.

  • Take shower daily, brush your tooth, clean shave, care of hair or smart beard maintain your hygiene.
  • Dress properly if wearing formal should be ironed, use spray or perfume of best fragrance.
  • Be helpful and kind to her, admire her, and make her comfortable.
  • #7 Make Her Smile

    Make Her Smile

    When you make her smile it will show that she is interested in your conversation or not. If she is smiling on your conversation it means she is taking interest in you as well as in your conversation. Smiling will make a girl happy and will increase your bond. Don’t smile whole time it will show you like a fool. Smiling is the key of interaction.

    #8 Don’t Try To Be Swagger
     Don’t Try To Be Swagger

    Don’t ever try to show off, you might think if I will show her my car, how I am rich, mobile phones she will impressed but NO, NEVER girls hate these show off. Girls hate those boys who try to be a biggie.

    If you show your money, cars, house definitely she will get ready to date you but will never see a guy to whom she want to spend her time. If you want to impress her increase her interest through your activeness, respect, degrees, achievements of life, love to your family. Make her comfortable and be down to earth.

      Don’t Do List
  • Don’t abuse girls or never disrespect them.
  • If girl is ready to meet you again then show your interest towards her.
  • Don’t ever talk about your Ex in front of her.
  • Never compare girls from other girls and especially from their friends, Girls hate comparison.
  • Most important thing girls mood change I every hour minute or second so always be aware what she wants to express.
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