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Smarter, Better, Faster

Your smartphone can enable procrastination or it can fuel productivity. These apps help you make the right choice.   1. Productivity Challenge Timer This app pushes you...

Life Line

We have listed four must-have apps to file into the Essentials folder of your home screen.   1. HelpChecker The app provides a reliable way to suit...

Bride Guide

Apps every bride needs on her phone. 1. WedMeGood - Wedding Planner Use this app to keep all your to-do lists in one place and invite...

Tech Guru

Apps that help you eat healthier, sleep better and get well sooner. We have the full list. Related Article: All You Can App.

Popular Dating Apps In India | 2019 Updated

Cupid now operates online and you’re likely to find him getting up to no good on these Popular Dating Apps In India. #1 Tinder With over...

All You Can App

Merrchant brings you three tried-and-tested, extremely useful apps to simplify your life. For Homemakers RoomScan (Free app, Pro version EUR 4.99, iPhone) I recently decided to buy...

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