Delectable Recipes

Delectable Recipes
Delectable Recipes

Don’t know what to cook today? Fret not. We bring you three delectable recipes to refresh your taste buds.

1. Honey Grapes Illusion

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Mixing Time: 5 Minutes


½ cup black grapes

1 ½ cups water or soda

1 tsp ginger juice

1 tsp lemon juice

2 tbsp honey or to taste

Crushed ice

To Garnish: Lemon wedges

To Serve: As a mocktail or mid-day energy drink

Serves: 2


  1. Put the black grapes along with soda/water, ginger juice, lemon juice and honey in a mixing jar.
  2. Blend together until smooth; add crushed ice, pour into two tall glasses; garnish with lemon wedges and serve chilled.


2. Szechwan Honey Vegetable Chopsuey

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 25 Minutes

Serves: 2


100g egg noodles, boiled and spread till dry

Oil to deep-fry

2 cups stock/water

2 tsp cornflour paste

2 tbsp oil

1 tsp garlic, grated

2 tbsp spring onions, finely chopped

1 green chilli, chopped

½ cup mushrooms, sliced

½ cup French beans, trimmed, sliced

½ cup carrot juliennes

½ cup bean sprouts

½ cup pineapple, sliced

For the Seasoning and Sauce:

1 tbsp Szechwan sauce

1 ½ tsp Soya sauce

1 tsp vinegar

1 tbsp tomato ketchup

Salt and pepper to taste

½ tsp red chilli flakes

To Garnish:

Cabbage shreds

To Serve:

Steamed rice


  1. Heat enough oil in a wok to deep-fry the noodles until crisp and golden brown. Drain the extra oil on a kitchen paper and keep aside.
  2. Heat oil in a wok, stir-fry garlic, spring onions and green chillies for 2 minutes, then add the mushrooms, French beans and carrots, stir-fry over medium heat for 3 minutes and then add the bean sprouts and pineapple. Mix well before adding all the sauces, seasoning and stock/water.
  3. Bring to boil, add the cornflour paste and cook till thick. Place the fried noodles in a shallow serving dish and pour the Szechwan honey vegetable mixture on the noodles and garnish with cabbage shreds. Serve hot with steamed rice.


3. Hainanese Chicken Rice


4 cups rice

1 whole chicken

1 cabbage, roughly chopped

1 cucumber, sliced on the diagonal into two-mm thick pieces

50g young ginger skinned

1 pod garlic, crushed

70ml sesame oil and light soy sauce

green chilli and lemongrass to taste


For the chicken

  1. Bring water in a pot to boil and immerse chicken. Add two slices of ginger and crushed garlic clove. Turn off the flame once the water beings to simmer.
  2. Poach chicken for 20 minutes and reserve poaching liquid. Submerge chicken in cold water for two minutes, remove and pour on some light soy sauce and sesame oil. Set aside.

For the rice

  1. Remove oil from poaching liquid and add more cooking oil.
  2. Sauté garlic and ginger with lemongrass, and add the rice. Pour sufficient water from poaching liquid to help the rice cook. Cover with foil.

For the soup

Heat remaining poaching liquid to boil the cabbage. For the chilli sauce, purée chilli, garlic and ginger with water.

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