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CRM Software

Lets Brief CRM ?

CRM is an abbreviation of customer relationship management, as the name suggests it’s a software which is used to manage the relationship with customers. CRM is a collection of customer data and its proper analysis.

CRM also tracks the customer’s transaction to forecast their future buying trends, this will help the organization to plan future products accordingly. Statistics suggest that we can predict future trends with the help of past information available.

Nowadays the availability of personalized CRM software is available, with the availability of customer data it is much easier for the organization to plan for its CRM software. This software are made to make the communication easier and faster with the customers and it atomizes the repetitive process to make it more efficient.

Characteristics of a good software:-

  • Centralization of Data

This software helps to centralize the customer data and make it easier for the owner/proprietor/CEO or managers to access it and review when needed.

  • ERP Software

This is an ERP software which is available directly as well as customized according to the need of the organization.

  • Customer Focus

The main focus of This software is on customer’s and is also helpful in making better communication with the customers.

  • Follows the rule of statistics

Statistics say that we can predict the future with the help of past data on the same.

  • Cutting the repetitive process

This software cuts the repetition and it makes it easier for the employees to focus on important tasks, not the repetitive process.

  • Converts Customer Satisfaction into Customer Delight

This software is a software for converting the situation of customer satisfaction into customer delight to make them more loyal than before.

  • Makes Reporting Easy and Quick

This  software makes the process of reporting easier and quicker through a centralized system.

These were some characteristics of a good software

CRM software is must for the organizations who want to cut their competition by creating an extra edge in their product or services. These days it’s not restricted to customer attention but it also involves repetition of customer and analysing their future needs by way of using different CRM software.

Let’s Discuss some Merits and Demerits of CRM software.


Cost Cutting

This software helps the organization to cut its cost, as this software helps in eliminating the repetitive work.CRM maintains files electronically and will need less human efforts then manual work.

Procuring Customers Data

This software is a software which procures the consumer data and maintains it in a presentable form. This software helps the organization to track the consumers buying pattern.


This software is a centralized system through which the data is compiled on the main server. Centralization helps the organization to have a strict control on the data.

Remote Access to data

CRM software can be accessed in remote areas because of its cloud server, the user just needs a login password to access the data.

Speeding up Communication

CRM speeds up the process of communication between the organization and customer due to the automation of the repetitive process.

Long-Term Customer Relation

This software not only allows the organization to create short-term profits but also helps to manage the customers to be with the organization for long and this improves the long-term profitability as well.

TOP 5 CRM Software’s :



HubSpot is a free online software which provides features like social media, company database, website, e-mail, phone. These services are free and hence can easily be used by small as well as large business organizations. Due to its free services and good features, it takes the no. One position in the top software.


Pipe drive is another excellent software which focuses on organizing the leads and gives a clear overview of sales efficiency. Pipedrive is good for the international business organization as it comes with 13 currencies, this is a paid service but initially, it gives a trial for 30 days.


The freshsale is a software which provides not just best tools for CRM but also some in-house tools which help the user to get an extra edge in this competitive world. Fresh sale not only captures the data but also helps to verify and distribute it by using multiple channels. This software is paid.


Salesforce is a software which provides a facility to use this software anywhere on any device anytime, it runs on real-time data and every change can be seen real time. It provides customers with in-depth data and its analysis, it consists of various modules that can be used to get good results.


Merrchant CRM software is one of the finest CRM software currently which assist you to close deals in a smarter way, this software effectively manages the customer data and other than that it also provides the effective ways of closing the deals. This is also a paid software which has different packages for the different customer according to the customers need.

CRM software can be a turning point for any business as no business can work without customers and so for managing different customers effectively and to create a good relationship with them is an important task for the organization, this is one of the important reason for creating a need of CRM software. Better customer relation means better profitability.

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