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7 Best Ways To Say 'I Love You' This Valentine’s Day

7 Best Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ This Valentine’s Day

“I Love You” – it is the sweetest, shortest, and yet sometimes the most difficult emotion to portray. These three magical words initiate a...
HR Teachings That the Avengers educate us

HR Lessons We Should Learn From The Movie ‘Avengers’

Avengers isn’t just a prodigious superhero flick but also a source of great human resource teachings. A company might need an HRM like Phil Coulson...
Wallpaper direct

Wallpaper directs the characteristics of highly creative people

Wallpaper direct that either you're creative or not. Yes, you read it right. Recent studies show that your choice of wallpaper direct a lot...
gst e-way bill for india

Easiest way to generate an E-way bill

Modi government's latest move to put an end to GST theft left the traders and businessmen across the nation in a turmoil and all...

Why We Should Only Vote For Ministers Who Are Bachelors

"Greed has always marked an upward surge of mankind, Greed is good" - Gordon Gekko (Stated celebrated fictional character in the movie Wall Street, 1987). Greed has...
Accounting software gst

Online Accounting Software: An Enabler for Businesses

Now more than ever, business owners are in utmost necessity of working fast and smart, thinking big and out of the box! Of course,...

Quit Endeavouring to Be ‘Mindful.’ It May harm Your Imagination and Creativity

I have a few mindfulness applications on my mobile phone that are generally lying torpid. My longest streak was with Headspace, where I accomplished...

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