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This is how you should actually be sending flowers this Valentine’s

This is How You Should ACTUALLY Be Sending Flowers This Valentine’s

Sending flowers during Valentine’s day sounds cliché but people never stop doing it simply because people love flowers. Receiving or sending flowers to your loved...
gst e-way bill for india

Easiest way to generate an E-way bill

Modi government's latest move to put an end to GST theft left the traders and businessmen across the nation in a turmoil and all...

Why We Should Only Vote For Ministers Who Are Bachelors

"Greed has always marked an upward surge of mankind, Greed is good" - Gordon Gekko (Stated celebrated fictional character in the movie Wall Street, 1987). Greed has...
How People feel when they get hit on LinkedIn

How People Feel When They Get Hit on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has about 530 million users and is unquestionably the world’s largest professional networking site. The sole purpose of LinkedIn is to help its users keep...
Zen Up Your Workspace With These Simple Tips

Zen Up Your Workspace With These Simple Tips

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