attendance management system

Attendance Management Software

  • Complete online attendance register of office. Can track record of hourly, monthly, yearly according to the absence and presence of management.
  • Allow HR to record attendance from any corners of world through web portal. You can control access by IP.
  • It also catch unrecorded data of attendance and management will get update if employee change anything in his attendance.
  • It also manages the data according to categories like sick, leave, holidays or more.
  • It will automatically record attendance information from device and will put on DOCs.





Attendance Methods

  • Record Real-Time Attendance
  • Arrange attendance according to your wants
  • High Policies

  • Take attendance group wise of employees.
  • Have attendance, holidays schemes
  • Perfect Attendance Register

  • Take Regular Attendance
  • Complete Package of information related to attendance
  • Shift Management

  • Create shifts for employees
  • Record real-time of shifts
  • Attendance Management software

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